Logo & Identity.

  • Make sure you stand out with a unique and instantly recognizable logo design. If you have an idea, I can come into play to help you bring it to life. Together we determine a preferred visual direction before I further develop and refine the chosen concept.

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Brand Design.

  • aArt Direction
  • bBrand Guidelines
  • cStationery
  • dPackaging
  • eAdvertising Material
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  • Behind every successful brand, there is a great design. Whether you are a start-up or a well-established business, I can offer a fresh and prominent look your company needs so we can together bring it to a new level and express it in one elegant unity.

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Print Design.

  • aMagazine
  • bBook
  • cCatalogue
  • dBrochure
  • eCV / Resume / Cover Letter
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  • Despite digital channels being the main focus of brands today, the beauty of printed editions will never get outdated. I deliver valuable content to help your printings adopt the sensibilities of the digital designs and create that truly personal connection with your audience.

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Photo Editing.

  • aPortrait
  • bLandscape
  • cFood
  • dFashion
  • eLifestyle
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  • A picture says a thousand words, ensure yours have the best outcome. Whether you want to accomplish minor changes in colors and tonality or maybe photo manipulate and radically change, I will make sure the results are remarkable.

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Web Design.

  • aResponsive Web Design
  • bResponsive Web Development
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  • A fully responsive website on all devices is something you need to invest in to ensure maximum user satisfaction and optimal experience. My web design approach is based on helping your business manifest its full potential by making websites that tell your brand's story.

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App Design.

  • In the era where technology prevails, it is the digital platforms that take the lead, where User Interface and User Experience go hand in hand. I strive to create modern pixel-perfect interfaces that provide outstanding usability while fully embracing your brand's personality.

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