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Cosmos is an abbreviated version of the book Astronomy: The Solar System & Beyond and includes Part 2 – The Solar System – from the original book whose authors are Michael A. Seeds & Dana E. Backman. This book shows the reader their place in the cosmos, not just their location, but also their role as a planet dweller in an evolving universe. The reader will learn to focus on the scientific method through the strong central questioning themes of "What are we?" and "How do we know?" rather than memorize facts. They will be empowered to create their own understanding of their place in the cosmos and enhance their conceptual understanding of the content.


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Considering the chapter is divided into three parts, the three vivid colors were chosen to represent each one. This way, parts are easily distinguished and those colors should evoke harmony and enjoyment in the reader and make the learning process more interesting. The same color palette was used on the book cover design to create an abstract cosmos, following the uniform style of the pages. The book was designed using a modular grid, with colorful whitespaces in the consistent horizontal divisions from top to bottom. This form of a grid serves to anchor all layout elements to a common rhythm and complements the square book size in the best way possible.